The primary reason I love the sea

Like most people, I love the tranquility and mystery of the sea, but I think what I love most about the sea is absolute joy it brings to people, most especially children. As we grow older our child-like fascination with the great mystery that is the sea disappears, and we don’t fully acknowledge our awe and appreciation of its great unknown. That is the true tragedy of adulthood.


The essence of life

Today I had the opportunity to take some pictures of some children. I found it was difficult for me to get down to the right angle to photograph them nicely. However, when I looked at the resulting photos I realised that the freedom that a child has oozes out of them in leaps and bounds and no matter what angle you photograph them from they still look so free and so alive and so happy.

And so, the name of this post, The essence of life, is in truth everything that a child embodies. As a child everything is fascinating, and even the smallest things can put a smile on your face. Why do so many of us lose this freedom in adulthood? I challenge you today to feel like a kid again. Be free. Be happy. And feel the joy of life radiate through your soul!