The primary reason I love the sea

Like most people, I love the tranquility and mystery of the sea, but I think what I love most about the sea is absolute joy it brings to people, most especially children. As we grow older our child-like fascination with the great mystery that is the sea disappears, and we don’t fully acknowledge our awe and appreciation of its great unknown. That is the true tragedy of adulthood.


Sheer Fascination

By mid morning the beach was teeming with little kids and their parents, grandparents or older siblings – an amateur photographer’s paradise. The sheer variety of little personalities running around was fascinating and immediately one could pick out the scientists-to-be. One little girl was particularly enthusiastic to get her feet wet, her grandmother much less so.

The sand between my toes was a nice change from the usual stress of dancing and the clean, salty air wafted in over the cold Atlantic Ocean. The sun shone warmly down to quell the chill of the breeze – an absolutely perfect day at the beach.

A trip to the Cape for a Genetics congress gave me the opportunity to photograph some of the locals and holiday goers on Strand Beach. I spent the morning strolling up and down the beach with one of my lecturers, the sea rolling back and forth in the background.