The loss of a legend


This is truly the face of an amazing man. What a gracious, caring, strong and inspiring man! Nelson Mandela passed away last night, 5 December 2013 at the age of 95. He will be truly missed, not only in South Africa but throughout the world. He grounded our country and brought it into the light after a very dark time. And even after he became a beacon of hope throughout the world, after he was known on almost every continent across the globe, he still remained humble and shared wisdom rather than arrogance. While we are all sad for his passing, I’m sure everyone would agree that it is better that he is no longer suffering. He has spent many months in and out of hospital, each time the world held its breath, and I am sure death was a welcome relief. He will remain an inspiration and a legend for many years to come and will watch over us from above each and every day! Rest well Tata Madiba, you deserve to be at peace!


One comment on “The loss of a legend

  1. Eunice Gage says:

    Rest in peace Madiba – a truly amazing icon of peace

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