Some of the Locals

A group of little kids played in the water and rolled in the sand as we sat watching the sea. At one stage they threw a pink ball into the waves and began to panic as it floated further and further away from them. They tried to go in after the ball but were clearly too afraid and began shouting to one another, “Jy gaan verdrink!” (You’re going to drown). Thankfully, Daddy came to the rescue and pulled the pink ball from the grasp of the ocean.

As we were leaving to continue strolling along the beach, the mother called us over and asked if I could take a photograph of one of the older girls, as it would be her birthday the following day. They also asked me to photograph one of the much younger boys who had not ventured into the sea. The little boy was shy but at least looked at the camera along with one of the older boys (his brother perhaps). We then decided that it would be wonderful if we could print the photos and give them to this family. After a bit of searching and a fair amount more walking, we managed to find a Kodak and printed a few photos for them. I was quite surprised to see their faces light up so just from a few pictures. When we walked back along the beach a while later they were still looking at the pictures and they waved enthusiastically as we passed them.


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