We made our way to the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, somewhat hopeful but rather doubtful that the weather might be better further down the coast. To our surprise, it was, although Table Mountain itself was covered in a grim-looking cloud, surrounded by relatively blue sky. As Table Mountain came into view, a tear came to my eye as I realised what an absolutely amazing opportunity this was – to be beneath Table Mountain and in the Cape with three lecturers who have really gone out of their way to firstly make me feel comfortable and secondly show me the sites which I either haven’t seen or don’t really remember from my previous (few and far between) trips to the Cape. Here I would really just like to take a moment to mention that I feel so privileged that Prof. Spies and Zurika chose me, of all people, to experience these things. On a lighter note, the waterfront sports a large shopping mall next to the harbour and a large Ferris wheel from which you can see for miles into the distance (of course, on a good day the view must be stunning). A good R80-00 later (EACH!!) and we were on our way up to the top – the ride consists of four revolutions and then a stop at the top of the arc for a bird’s eye view of the harbour and its surroundings. It is important to realise here that I am petrified of heights so for me to just accept the challenge was a feat in itself.


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