Drakensberg 2017

Over the holiday period during December 2017 we had a little adventure in the Drakensberg mountains of Kwa-Zulu Natal. We spent 8 days camping at Monks Cowl, a gorgeous little campsite in the midst of some of the most spectacular views South Africa has to offer. There are a number of walks that can be done at Monks Cowl, ranging from 1 hour to 5 hour walks (longer than that we did not attempt). The wet climate has made for a lush landscape covered in various ferns and fungi. Proteas also grow on the sides of some of the mountains. On some days the mist only burnt off at around noon, on others there was a constant “mizzle” (misty drizzle).

We were lucky to be close to friends, who we joined for lunch on one of the days with more dreary weather. Here we were entertained by Ally (Spaniel) and Levi (Australian Cattle Dog) – both lovers of water and fishing (much like their owners).

These are but a few snaps from the holiday, but most definitely some of my very favourites.



The primary reason I love the sea

Like most people, I love the tranquility and mystery of the sea, but I think what I love most about the sea is absolute joy it brings to people, most especially children. As we grow older our child-like fascination with the great mystery that is the sea disappears, and we don’t fully acknowledge our awe and appreciation of its great unknown. That is the true tragedy of adulthood.

Some recent invitation designs

In addition to the photography I have started doing some design work, mostly for invitations. Here are some of my designs!


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I also recently designed a logo for a part-time baking enterprise which I am undertaking with a friend.